Orion’s Reverie seeking fund to see the Arzu Venture game released to the public

December 20th, 2017 – Orion’s Reverie is seeking $151,783 to finance its game Arzu Venture. The studio which has started a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter, aims at raising the amount by 10th February, 2018. The game, Arzu Venture is a kimono platform game where the player can play as Osku and Razi investigating what is causing disturbance in the shrines.

The story combines science fiction with fantasy, set in the fictitious world of Celestia, where it is being maintained by 12 stellar guardians currently in deep slumber. Despite their deep slumber the Stellar Guardian mystical powers are still active in their respective shrines. With their active powers, they are able to maintain stability of their world. A great disturbance in the 12 stellar shrines signals grave danger which needs to be investigated. It is the task of the player, who will play as Osku and Razi that an investigation has to be conducted on what is causing the disturbance. The two childhood rivals set out an adventure of rivalry unaware that they were about to face a great force that they cannot defeat alone.

The game is developed by a team of experienced professional, with the lead management having more than ten years in the game industry. They have stellar programming experience being recognized for their extra ordinary skills and great animation abilities.

The company appreciates that creating video game is an expensive venture; they need fund to catalyze Arzu Venture, and allow them to realize a dream. With the funding the team believes that possibilities will be open to a longer story with more character development. They are also planning to better the graphics, more game mechanics and a large selection of soundtracks. The team says that they will need fourteen months to develop Arzu Venture, after which they will need half a year to provide a demo. Within a short time from the period they will carry out beta testing debugging before releasing the game. The company appeals to well wishers to support them, saying that such a gesture will offer the company a head start. Backers will also receive lots of gifts.

To support this project, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/orionsreverie/arzu-venture-video-game-project

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