Optical Sorting Machines Market 2018 – 2025: Acceleration, Technology and Evolutions In The Sorting: Food, Recycling, Mining, and Others

Optical Sorting Machines Market
Optical Sorting Machines Market, By Type, Platform (Belt, Free-fall, Lane, and Hybrid), and Application (Food, Recycling, Mining, and Others) Forecast Till 2025

Optical Sorting Machines Market

Market Synopsis:

Sorting refers to arranging items in a systematical way or grouping similar items. Sorting Machines are designed to separate things into predetermined ways. Optical Sorting is an automated technique that uses various optical sensors such as lasers, cameras, X rays, hyper-spectral imaging, photo-detector, and sophisticated programming technology paired with accurate separation modules to sort products. In this optical sorting technique, the physical appearance or chemical composition, which generally relies on the type of sensors of the specified products, is fed in the software of the equipment and the equipment collects those information and matches them with the fed information with the help of sensors. Moreover, if it matches the equipment accepts it, and if it doesn’t match the criteria the equipment removes those foreign materials or defective products from the production line. It is basically an image processing system that is done through various types of sensors and software-driven intelligence.

In recent years, the evolution in detection technology and intelligent software have given optical sorters new capabilities, allowing to maximize yield and better understand critical aspects of processing operations. It gives higher performance with easily-to-learn and user-friendly software that gives better quality product with minimum product loss. In addition, the optical sorting machine gives faster sorting while maintaining the quality of the products. A human being looses concentration after two or three hours which means that the quality decreases after a few hours, but, the optical sorter machine goes on and improves efficiency. Optical sorting technology is a cutting-edge solution to increase productivity and business profits automatically. Optical sorting system is useful in more energy-efficient, cost-effective, pre-concentration, and for faster material recovery.

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Factors Influencing Market Scenario:

Increasing food safety and security is the most prominent factor which is driving the growth of the optical sorter machine market. As consumers continue to become more and more demanding of product quality, there is a thrust towards improving sort performance to discover ever smaller and more subtle defects. Furthermore, automating and managing the processes so that it delivers the required product grade at the maximum yield every time is one of the driving factors for the optical sorting machine market. Moreover, an optical sorting machine with the latest generation of artificial intelligence (AI) color sorter provides the AI super brain which comprises of X-ray sorting and NIR sorting technologies that can accurately remove almost 99.9% impurities in the product with high accuracy.

Advancement in detection technology, valve technology, ejector duct material, and design will help in the ejection process, thereby providing better opportunities for the optical sorting machines market in the upcoming years. However, capital investments and operating costs, including the price of the machine, the cost of accessory equipment, cost for advanced technologies are the major determining factors that are restraining the growth of the optical sorter machine market. Due to lack of awareness about technology and less manufacturing facilities, it is difficult for the underdeveloped countries to adopt the optical sorter machines.

Regional analysis:

Geographically, the optical sorting machines market is segregated in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East and Africa). The North American region is expected to share the largest market share in optical machine market, due to increasing use of food sorter machine in food industries and strict Food and drug administration (FDA) regulation to ensure the quality of food. Further, the European region is increasingly focusing on removing impurities from food products, thus boosting the market growth and adoption of sorting machine. Moreover, Asia Pacific market is expected to grow in future, due to the increasing demand for optical sorter machines owing to the growth of FMCG market, food industries, the pharmaceutical industry, and food & beverages sector in countries such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea. However, rapid growth and economic development in Dubai and other cities in the Middle East has led to the increase in the amount of household waste, which provides better opportunities for this market in Middle East region.

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Key Players:

The major key players in optical sorting machines market are: Allgaier Werke, ASM Srl, Binder, Buhler, Cimbria, Cp Manufacturing, EMS Turnkey Waste Recycling Solutions, Fowler Westrup, Greefa, Key Technology, National Recovery Technologies, Newtec, and Pellenc St. These players are trying to recognize the needs of market in developing countries and expanding their strategies to improve business needs.

Global Optical Sorting Machines Market Segmentation:

By Type:

• Cameras

• Lasers

• NIR Sorters

• Hyper spectral Cameras and Combined Sorters

By Platform:

• Belt

• Free-fall

• Lane

• Hybrid

By Application:

• Food

• Recycling

• Mining

• Others

Regions Covered:

o North America




o Europe






Rest of Europe

o Asia-Pacific




South Korea


Rest of Asia-Pacific



Saudi Arabia

South Africa

Rest of LAMEA

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