Online Business Enables Actors Freedom to Work from Home Between Acting Gigs

Actor Dave Bresnahan provides a guaranteed income for actors.
Actors struggle because a day job is needed while developing an acting career, but often a day job does not permit freedom to take time off when an acting role is available. An online business solves that.

Sandy, Utah (June 11, 2014) — Actors are joining forces as partners in an online business that enables them to work from home and set their own hours, providing freedom to accept an acting role whenever it is offered.

Actors are self-employed. When they get an acting job it may be just for a day, a few days, or a few weeks. There are often many weeks between acting jobs, so actors have always looked for day jobs that enable them to have some flexibility to act whenever possible.

“Actors are often faced with losing their day job when they ask for time off to accept an acting gig. The necessity of a stable income has often forced promising actors to abandon their dreams. My goal is to help give actors the income they need while developing their acting career,” explained Dave Bresnahan, actor and online business owner who has partnered with other actors in his business.

Bresnahan has been an actor for many years, but has only recently been able to have the freedom to pursue his acting career in earnest. He owns an online business that provides enough income to support his family while also providing him the freedom that comes from being his own boss.

“I don’t have to go to a boss and ask for time off so I can be in a film. I’m the boss, and my online business income will not go down just because I take time off to act in a film. In fact, my business gives me the freedom to coach my kid’s teams, be a scout leader, and volunteer as a community EMT whenever I want. My income actually goes up each month, even if I take time off,” he said.

Bresnahan teams up with other actors who become his partners in his business. Working together they each help each other’s income grow.

“They are all part of my team. When I help them make money, I make money too. It’s a great partnership. It costs very little to start, and there is a guarantee that they will make at least $1000 a month. A short six-minute video explains the business to anyone who is interested,” said Bresnahan.

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