ONET Coin’s step towards environment conservation!

19th June, 2018 – The ONET Coin demonstrates yet another way of environmental conservation through the use of technology. It is a hybrid coin which incorporates both Proof of Work as well as Proof of Stake in its technology. As compared to the traditional POW system, it proves to be of tremendous help in the conservation of electricity consumption. The Proof of Stake technology, which does not require large energy consumption, replaces the Proof of Work technology, staying true to ONET Coin’s hybrid nature.

The incorporation of hybrid technology in ONET Coin makes it a more environment-friendly option among other cryptocurrencies. When the POS algorithm takes over the POW algorithm, excessive electricity consumption is replaced with a distributed-consensus system which consumes low energy. This POS-POW technology also makes the ONET Coin more secure; on the ONET network the attackers will not be able to obtain control over block creation, by monopolizing the mining power; this ensures absolute security for the blockchain. Thus the ONET Coin, by design counters problems of the cryptocurrency market.

ONET’s security is three-fold in nature, given its incorporation of not only cryptography and the blockchain technology but also the Hybrid technology which employs Proof of Work as well as Proof of Stake. The distributed consensus system, of Proof of Stake technology, shifts the power of authenticating, from the hands of the miners, to the hands of users themselves, thus decentralizing in the most real sense. ONET’s applications range over multiple sectors, taking into consideration, Trading, Remittance and Online Shopping as well; thus ensuring practical application of technology along with environmental conservation. 

ONET’s visionary and Co-founder, Mr. Sergie Kovalev, has immense proficiency in the field of science and management. With over 23 years of experience in the economic and socio-economic sector, he has been constantly researching and innovating over various ideas that can help the ingenious blockchain technology, reach a new high. Mr. Sergie Kovalev has been passionate about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, ever since its inception in 2009. With ONET, Sergie Kovalev envisions to counter the major criticism of cryptocurrencies, and strives to make it widely acceptable by the masses worldwide.

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