Old School New Body Review – Is This Program Really a Goldie for Oldies?

Steve and Becky Holman’s Old School New Body has been introduced online as an effective and anti aging weight loss program based on the F4X youth-enhancing body system for both men and women.

Old School New Body is a brand new e-book released with techniques to help people over the age of forty making them look and feel younger. Without the proper nutrition, a human body can age six months more for each year. Health experts suggest that light but correct exercise when complimented with a balanced diet rich in all the essential foods, is the key to a lean and toned body and the healthier the body, the more chances of your age being defied.

The Old School New Body is a unique training protocol created by Steve Holman and is specifically designed to help reverse the results of aging with the loss of weight, shaping of the muscles and toning them. These strategies for youth-enhancing fitness and fat loss are one of a kind. The fitness program is based on workouts, nutrition plans, and loads of tactics comprehended into a short, simple to read, easy to understand handbook which people will love to read and apply instantly into their lives.

The FX4 Lean Phase

The Old School New Body F4X program is based on three progressive strategies which will be discussed in detail.  The first of the lot is the FX4 Lean which basically comprises a comprehensive FX4Lean Meal Plan and muscle movement techniques which are very effective in losing weight and reverse the worrisome signs of aging.

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On completing the time period allotted for this phase, users can either stop following the program or try out the remaining phases at their will.

The FX4 Shape System

Next in line is the FX4 Shape system which is designed to help those who want to build up muscles. What is contains are essential diet plans that will regulate the muscle building process and burn down calories even when you are not working up your body. Such powerful tactics ensure that you achieve the muscular body you dream about.

FX4 Build for the Body Builder Body

The last of all is the FX4Build and being the last is an advanced phase. It has been designed keeping in view of the people who want a body-builder body. The combination of heavy and rigorous workouts and heavy diet plans is the key to a body builder kind of muscular body.

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An additional fourth step covered is to avoid chronic dehydration; 12 ounces of water a day can reverse aging, burn fat, and suppress hunger. It also optimizes the function of the liver and kidneys, which is also essential for burning fat.

Defy Your Age with the Old School New Body Program

Other beneficial things suggested in the Old School New Body program are to avoid low-fat diets. Fat is required by the body to produce hormones. The e-book also warns against strenuous cardiovascular workouts, which it says can accelerate the aging process by increasing free radicals. There are exercises which take less time and are more beneficial, and are covered in detail in the new guide to provide the best body you are ever going to have even at an age where most people lose interest in their bodies.

For more information about Old School New Body, visit the official website: www.oldschoolnewbody.com

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