Old Disabled Man From Kingston Out-Beats Younger Generation In Health Consciousness

Younger generation trend out more towards a health-conscious living but this old disabled man is a new Internet sensation. He calls out for justice after his only source to live healthy was taken away.

Kingston’s residing old restricted man doesn’t seem to lose hopes as the council confiscates his only source of exercise, an air walker machine in Fairfield Recreation Ground.

According to the Guardian’s up-to-date aging population survey, only 26% of the assenters claim to have a good quality healthy life, parallel to which 45% don’t, while just 28% experience a good economic standard of living in contradiction of 56% who argued.

Ron Bond, a senior citizen of the UK claimed that initially his source to move around and feel lively was a wheelchair but he found to track back his health through the air walker machine’s assistance. The manufacturer at Lat Pull Down Air Walker Machine pronounces it as:

“Customers can start off at their own pace, varying their walk, straightening and unfolding the legs emerging to more flexible body joints or building cardio strength in a short span of time”. Also mentioned, “Else, customers can slender on the slab and elevate both legs concurrently to intensify core muscles”.

Kingston Council did not cease to take a total of three machines, which included that air walker as well. This was purposed to inaugurate a new path in the field.

As said by Mr. Bond’s wife, Laura, the air walker was a wholesome source of help for them. “He could easily move on there and recover through exercising when we left out there to walk our dogs,” she added.

It seems unjust and a council spokeswoman said that she hoped the council compensates for this loss in near future that was subject to the commission agreement, and she justified this act of removal by expressing the risk of not getting the machines fixed and danger for old age citizen.

To the latter statement of the council representative, Mrs. Bond countered: “It appeared to be operating fine the last time he stepped on it”. Moreover, she complained about how her husband is not able to get any quality exercise that he could certainly till a few days back.

“This new path must have taken a lot of money, which appears to be a wasteful extravagance rather than a basic need”.  She ended up with the fear of how long her husband will have to be waiting now.

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