Oceanfront Recovery helps individuals and families recover from addiction

11 June, 2015 – Laguna Beach, California – Oceanfront Recovery was formed in Laguna Beach, California 5 years ago to create an environment where individuals and their families could recover from addiction. The Laguna Beach rehab center has received critical acclaim for saving many lives over the past years. Their website is located at http://www.oceanfrontrecovery.com. They house experienced clinicians, case managers, wellness staffs and therapists who are extremely passionate about their work and try to change the course of our clients lives. Oceanfront’s care is sought after by people throughout the country, and all of their programs are based on tried and tested modalities.

Oceanfront Recovery has an Orange County heroin rehab center focused on helping drug users to overcome their addictions; with a national relapse rate of 97%, heroin is a true epidemic in our society. A spokesperson said, “We are dedicated to understand the psychological reasons behind the addiction and help them overcome it. Our team of experts work to treat the underlying causes of addiction in each individual. We understand that overcoming addiction is difficult and we want to give our clients every opportunity at a new life.” Oceanfront firmly believes that heroin addiction is more of a psychological problem than a physical one. The center not only helps addicts to recover from the physical symptoms, but also address the co-occuring psychological issues. Their dual diagnosis treatment center specializes in treating heroin and the underlying issues. The heroin rehab clinic’s page is located at http://www.oceanfrontrecovery.com/heroinrehab

“Alcohol addiction is one of the most epidemic conditions in our county. We not only help addicts recover from heroin, cocaine and other drugs but also from alcohol”, the spokesperson added. Oceanfront Recovery has the Orange County Alcohol Rehab Center well-equipped and professionally staffed to help clients and their families. Oceanfront Recovery firmly believes they are the best center for alcohol addiction treatment in Southern California. They have helped countless families throughout the country to recover from alcoholism.

The spokesperson said, “Approaching us and admitting your problems are the first steps to recovery. While you are here, we take you through the journey to sobriety as quickly and efficiently as possible with lasting results.” The center believes the easiest way to recover from alcohol addiction is through education and therapy. The center explains all the ill effects of alcoholism that may affect not only the health of the addict but also the family. The consequences of alcoholism can be legal, financial, emotional and psychological. Hence, the center ensures the addicts understand what they may face if they do not change their way of life. The center’s alcohol rehab page is located at http://www.oceanfrontrecovery.com/alcohol-rehab where people can find more information about the treatment and their programs.

Oceanfront recovery believes in achieving the desired results and repair damages caused by addiction through their services. Their superior success rates are a testimony to the quality of service offered by them. Their team of experts are available 24/7 to help. Call today.

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