NYC Shanty is Proud to Present the Only 100% Inside and Out all Metal/Non Combustible Shanty Available on the Market Today.

Jul 2, 2018 – Knowing Safety Is Not Enough. PRACTICE IT! Based in Brooklyn, NYC Shanty’s innovative company offers the highest in quality of all metal shanties. In New York City’s high priced construction Industry NYC Shanty shanties are the most dependable. Their patented all metal two feet “Z-lock” technology designed panels are easy to erect and there is no limit to size, offering a wide range of possibilities especially for construction job sites.

These shanties do not require more than two men to build, and can be formed to any shape or size. This reputable firm places Safety On the Job as its topmost priority, and the units they design play a major role in preventing serious on the job accidents. This timely product offered by the company is reliable, durable, fire retardant, will not burn and made in the USA. Making NYC Shanty a leader in the field!

Why NYC Shanty? With a consistent boom in the New York City construction industry, NYC Shanty offers high quality all metal shanties at the most affordable prices in the industry. NYC Shanty is the original 100% all metal knock down shanty, also used for various project offices. Their shanties are available for purchase or rental, and are an M/WBE Certified company. The shanties are multi-purpose, including use as a construction office, guard house and storage container just to name a few. NYC Shanty is a great solution for job site shanties, keeping everyone safe from injury and the elements, like hot or cold weather!

One of the most attractive features is the fact that they can be custom-built to any size, and for crowded city construction sites, this feature is a big plus. They can even assist with, Buckeye fire extinguishers, and temporary lighting for everyone’s shanty.

The Best Service: NYC Shanty will come to any site with a prototype, and interested people can go by the NYC Shanty shop to see a unit, or visit a job site where one of their shanties is fully assembled and in use. Their shanties are present on many job sites throughout the NYC area, with more being added every day. There is a reason they are so popular!

New York City Law: FDNY Metal Shanties are required in the Fire Safety Certificate of Fitness Manual, which makes them a legal obligationin the construction industry. NYC Shanty structures are compliant with the FDNY Code and The Building Dept. Other attractive features of these shanties include the fact that they are non-combustible, will not rot, are sturdy and can endure high pressures without getting molded, as well can be reused from project to project. They even look great on the job site, adding that first class, professional touch and safety first statement.

Know Safety – PRACTICE IT!

Make the call today at 718-246-4747. NYC Shanty is located at 140 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11231; email: – For more information please visit the website at

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