NuVitality Continues Holiday Discount on White Mulberry Leaf Extract

Sugar substitutes are bad for your body for a couple of reasons…
NuVitality‘s new product Pure White Mulberry Leaf Extract herbal supplement continues to sell at more than a 50% holiday discount.

Maintaining a steady blood sugar level is essential for overall health, and while a perfect diet can deliver stable blood sugar, many people can benefit from an herb that naturally assists the body, such as white mulberry leaf extract. Supplement provider NuVitality is offering its White Mulberry Leaf Extract herbal blend at a special holiday discount – more than 50% off.

Praised as the “latest superfood” for its blood sugar lowering properties on health television shows like Dr. Oz, white mulberry leaf extract contains chemical compounds that help lower blood sugar levels naturally when taken at the same time than high-glycemic foods are eaten. “ The white mulberry leaf extract blocks the intestinal enzymes that break down sugars,” said a spokesperson for NuVitality. “Without those enzymes, the body cannot absorb the sugar into the bloodstream.”

People living with insulin resistance or type-two diabetes choose to either eat a naturally low-sugar diet, which is difficult to achieve, or resort to chemical sugar substitutes. Taking white mulberry leaf extract can help people keep a maintain a steady blood sugar level – even in the face of a slightly imperfect diet – without resorting to chemical artificial sweeteners. “Sugar substitutes are bad for your body for a couple of reasons,” said a spokesperson for NuVitality. “Everyone knows they increase your risk for cancer, but many people do not realize that the extreme sweetness of artificial sweeteners actually make you crave more sugar. Artificial sweeteners sabotage efforts to consume less sugar.”

Conversely, people who have retrained their taste buds to crave natural sugars, like those found in fruit and whole grains, are much more likely to succeed in consuming less sugar. White mulberry leaf extract taken 30 minutes prior to a meal can help limit the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. “Our White Mulberry Leaf Extract can help you eat real food and still maintain stable blood sugar,” said a spokesperson for NuVitality.

NuVitality’s White Mulberry Leaf Extract Complex herbal supplement also contains appetite suppressing garcinia cambogia and African mango, fat-burning green coffee bean, and blood sugar stabilizing cinnamon.

NuVitality’s products are 100% natural, made in the United States, and contain non-GMO ingredients. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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