Noted author and holistic healer Irma Kaye Sawyer publishes three guides for your success and happiness

Noted holistic healer and author Irma Kaye Sawyer is proud to announce the availability of her powerful success and personal fulfilment books “Aquarian Empath”, “Cosmic Love” and “Aquarian path to Abundance.”  These three books, published this year by Starfield press, offer readers a truly intuitive and effective guide to success and happiness based on a lifetime of experience and a healing career spanning more than two decades.

In “the Aquarian Empath,” Sawyer discusses how empathic people, those who can sense and are effected by others emotions, can channel this unique skill and use it for their personal success as well as those around them.  Irma speaks from her own experience as an empath as well as knowledge received intuitively from The Keepers, her personal guidance team.

“Cosmic Love” is a study of how truth, love and light are the keys to personal fulfilment.  It is a guide to navigating a tumultuous world secure in the knowledge that you are a creature of light.

“For some, it may seem increasingly more difficult to keep the faith when it appears that such dark and negative activities continue to exist on your planet,” Says Irma in her book, “To speak of Cosmic Love may seem like pie in the sky or some outdated ideal from years past.  Yet truth is more powerful than fiction, light is more powerful than the absence of it, and love is the leader of the day.”

For those looking to increase their financial abundance, “The Aquarian path to Abundance” has exactly what you are seeking.  The book teaches how to use the inner self and the power of positive thinking to not only increase your wealth but to throw off the harmful ideas of the fear of money and the false voices of separation and fear.

Irma Kaye Sawyer’s books, taken together, provide a highly effective and positive guide to transforming your inner and outer realities into a more harmonious and spiritual existence.  Separately, they contain powerful and effective teachings that will change your world.  Each stands alone and provides a way of thinking and being that will alter your experience forever.  When you have all three, there is no limit to what you can achieve in your life.

About Irma Kaye Sawyer:

Irma has been an Intuitive her entire life and started giving intuitive readings when she was only 12 years old. She began spontaneously channeling the energies and knowledge of the Arch Angelic Collective in the early ‘90’s.  They acted as her guides until 2007.  It was at this time that she connected with the Akashic Wisdom keepers, or simply “The Keepers” while studying her Akashic record consultant training.

Irma Kaye Sawyer started her holistic healing and intuitive consulting career in 1992.  She has training and certifications in Usui, Reiki, magnified Healing, Shamanic healing, Intuitive counseling and Akashic record consulting.  Irma is a noted and highly respected professional in her industry and deeply feels the need to share her experiences and her gifts.  She combines all this expertise in her books, and is currently working on a new release entitle “The Aquarian healer.”

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