Atlanta, GA – Christian “Chris” Locklayer, a passionate writer, author, and entrepreneur who works to inspire others with her words and experiences so that they may live their lives to the fullest, will publish her latest, #NotAFailure: From Grad School Dropout to Entrepreneur, The Life of a Professional Quitter, in mid-September for all interested readers.

Designed to be a practical guide for young professionals on their quest to find passion, purpose, and happiness in today’s world, #NotAFailure looks at stories of failure and how they build community just like stories of success.

“In a time where being one’s own boss and making six figures has become the standard for today, knowing where to find purpose and lucrative success can be challenging,” said Chris. “This book aims to articulate the importance of failure, and how it can teach us the most useful lessons of success in our lifetime.”

#NotAFailure is more than a book title to Chris. It’s a hashtag as well as a community that is meant to inspire people who feel like constant failures. The book looks at some of Chris’ personal experiences with post-graduate sadness and rejection in an uncertain job market. The book also outlines how all of these experiences prepared and pushed her towards founding her own business as an entrepreneur. #NotAFailure is a part memoir, part self-help book.

“I always tell people, be bold going after your purpose, said Chris. “And if you fail along the way, keep going.”

Chris’ favorite quote, “remember your dreams and fight for them,” is what inspires her to pen works geared towards uplifting and encouraging others. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, she moved to Marietta, Georgia when she was 10-years-old. She subsequently attended college in Atlanta where she received a B.A. in Photography and Video Production. She is still an Atlanta resident today with her life partner, David, and their cat, Flora.

For more information, visit https://www.thesuccessproject.org/

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