Northwest Surgery Center is Making National Headlines for New Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

The Northwest Surgery Center (NWSC), a Colorado-based podiatric surgeon center that offers unique and non-invasive, cutting-edge solutions to the pain and debilitating effects of bunions, this week announced they have officially perfected a truly minimally invasive bunion surgery that is making medical headlines.

Tackling the bony, lumpy deformities of the joints at the base of the big toe, NWSC is providing relief to a deformity that is experienced by close to one in three American adults today.

“Offering an alternative to the traditional, long recovery bunionectomy surgery of the past, our board-certified surgeons do not need to use internal hardware to correct the bunion anymore,” said Dr. Kent Lambrecht, Founder and Owner of the Northwest Surgery Center in Denver. “Instead, we correct the bunion using very small, one stitch incisions that do not require administering anesthesia.”

Following the incisions, NWSC wraps the foot post-op in a soft cast that allows patients to walk right out of the operating room. In most cases, patients are permitted to immediately drive, go back to work, and resume other everyday activities without missing a beat.

“Bunions can cause frequent foot pain and interfere with a normal quality of life, which is why we’re passionate about bringing patients fast and effective relief,” said Lambrecht.

If you think you’re suffering from a bunion, NWSC’s website claims that symptoms include:  a bump on the side of your big toe, inflamed big toe skin, big toes turning visibly inwards, calluses on your second toe, thick skin under your big toe, or difficulties when moving your big toe.

NWSC has been performing minimally invasive bunion surgeries in the U.S. for more than 30-years, now offering their services out of Denver, Colorado.

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