Northstone Announces Plans to Create and Release “Project Kennedy,” a Cold War Grand-strategy Game

San Francisco, CA. Northstone seeks support to bring “Project Kennedy,” a cold war strategic game to the public. “Project Kennedy” is a fast paced action game involving strategic moves with a World War II back drop. The international team of four have worked on other games in the past and have extensive experience in game design, planning, and execution. Previous game development experience includes working on the “Hearts of Iron II” and “Hearts of Iron III” games. 

Northstone have come together to build the newest cold war strategy game, “Project Kennedy” from scratch. The team is a hardworking, reliable, and business oriented team, seeking support to complete this new game.

Cold war games like “Project Kennedy” allow gamers to engage in various types of military operations. Players will participate in military conflict that may be on the ground, on water, or by air just as it was during World War II. The game is based on the historical, hypothetical, and real-life events that occurred during the cold war.

World War II games account for $770 million to $940 million dollars each year. These types of action packed games attract various types of gamers who want to get involved in the war from the grand strategic perspective.

“Project Kennedy” will take place in Europe in the core friction zone between two alliances. Battles will be both action-packed and visually stimulating with three ways to win the game:

  1. Nuclear Supremacy – win the race against nukes, develop SDI nuke counter measures, and secure all Uranium in sources in zones of influence (South America, Africa, and Asia).
  2. Conquest for Europe – Soviets: Conquer Western Europe (Germany, France, Britain, and USA).
  3. Economic Dominance – Own Majority of economic power and technological advances.

“We want to build the best Cold War Grand-Strategy game. We know there are currently no good titles out there on this subject. Everything that is at the moment available simple does not have the quality and appeal gamer’s desire. We have the experience, vision, resources and competency to get it done,” says Alexander the Northstone designer.

In order to make this game happen, Northstone has launched an Indiegogo campaign to support the team’s vision to build the “Project Kennedy” game from scratch. Supporters who donate $10 USD to the project will receive a digital copy of “Project Kennedy” on release day. The team is committed to bring the game to gamers all over the world and will continue seeking support until fully funded.

To learn more about the new groundbreaking military game, “Project Kennedy” or to support the project, please visit the Indiegogo page at



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