Nootropics could be the next big thing to improve cognitive functions of the brain

Nootropics are the natural as well as synthetic compounds which have recently become popular pertaining to its vast potential in improving cognitive functions of the brain such as memory, motivational levels, focus and attention. The term might be relatively new but these drugs have been reportedly used for thousands of years in the form of herbs and herbal concoctions.

Scientists have already started to refer these drugs as the new ‘smart drugs’ and have included them in the category of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIED) as they enhance cognitive abilities.

Observing the usability and huge potential of these drugs, the company Nootropicana has been established which is dedicated to offering Nootropic products and create awareness among people with various articles on improving cognition and memory.

Nootropics work by increasing the efficiency of the systems related to cognitive functions of the brain. These systems are made of brain cells called neurotransmitters which bind to receptors and are responsible for a particular set of actions .Scientists may not have been able to understand fully the working of nootropics but it has been known that there are two families of nootropics called Ampakines and Racetams. Both of them use different sets of mechanisms that affect the chemicals in the brain which enhance the cognitive process.

A Nootropic does not claim to add or provide any mental abilities but works to enhance the already existing mental strength and abilities a person has. These mental abilities are improved by regular mental exercises, learning, observing and studying and the Nootropics does its work by giving a boost to the cognition skills.

The company provides detailed knowledge about certain Nootropics and how they can be a boost to the human brain along with providing a list of the major nootropics available around us, both herbal and synthetic ones.

As discussed earlier about the neurotransmitters, the ‘smart drugs’ work by increasing the number of neurotransmitters involved in a cognitive process as well as oxygen levels, which is great to give a boost to the brain. With increases in oxygen levels, the functionality of the neurotransmitters also increases thus making the overall cognition better.

Nootropicana also refers to some of the other benefits offered by these smart pills including protection from chemical or physical injuries, increasing brain efficiency and learning power without causing any motor control loss.

Unlike the other common drugs used to enhance brain functions, an effective and ideal Nootropic will not disrupt the motor control but enhance the communication skills, decision making power, reasoning ability, recall and improve memory and improve the overall state of health.

The website can be really helpful to those seeking to enhance their cognitive abilities through Nootropics or wish to get general information about improving brain health and functions.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.


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