NoMo enables users to purchase their own ad space, allowing them to remove ads or replace them with content of their choosing, now launches on Kickstarter

NoMo is a service based technology solution launched on the popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter. NoMo aims to resolve the growing problem of advertisements disrupting and cluttering the user experience across mobile and desktop. Their solution will concurrently increase yield for publishers, provide freedom and flexibility for users, and fully utilize current advertising infrastructure. “We’re handing the keys over to the user,” said Jimmy Alfiere (Founder / Director of Sales & Marketing). “NoMo isn’t like any other solution out there because we fully embrace and leverage the current advertising systems in use across the ecosystem, but with one small twist, the user pays for and decides what they see in the ad space they consume”, Jimmy continued.

Using the NoMo interface, users can choose to simply remove or “blank out” ads, they can also predefine prepopulated content or choose to replace ads with custom content like personal photos, words of encouragement, reminders, etc. The idea to create this solution was inspired by the simple fact that frustrated users have little to no control over their online experience. They enjoy the content and services provided for free and often want to support the companies that provide them. Unfortunately, to do so means dealing with an experience cluttered with disruptive and sometimes irrelevant ads. NoMo solves both problems and does so much more.

The use of data is widely accepted and has been refined over the last 10 years. Marketers target users based on interests, demographics, and even data collected offline. NoMo plans to use this technology against them. With one voluntary click by the user, they can identify themselves across all their devices. Once they have identified themselves using the NoMo identifier, NoMoenters the Real Time Bidding Platforms and Exchanges to bid higher than any 3rd party marketer could afford to. “If needed, we could literally outbid a marketer twice over for that unique impression because we only need to do so on a very small scale” Jimmy explained, “prices are different based on a lot of factors but looking at averages, paying more than $.01 per impression is uncommon. This means that even if a user consumes 500 ads in a single day, it would only cost approximately $10 to outbid the marketer twice over!” Once the user is identified and the bid has been placed, NoMo accesses the content that the user predefined and delivers it neatly on the page they’re viewing.

NoMo, Of course, developing the interface to create their profile, monitor payments, input custom content, and sync up with existing advertising technology requires a significant investment for which, NoMo has launched the campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of $93,500.

 The capital raised from the campaign will be used in the development of this revolutionary technology along with the marketing costs. The funds will also cover the cost of securing contracts with existing ad technology and service providers.

NoMo has been hard at work for over a year and is excited to move forward with what this solution represents; a better experience for desktop and mobile users, across all apps and websites throughout the entire world. Backers can earn rewards and pre-order access to the system before the general public, which is estimated to be completed by January 2017. More information about the campaign and the company’s mission is available at

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