No Romance Galleries Presented the Opening of “Sex Monsters” Exhibition in New York City

Nov. 04, 2014 – NEW YORK — No Romance Gallery Presented the Opening of “Sex Monsters” with works by artists Mike Krim, Pietro Cocco, Jennifer Calandra, Lorenzo Fariello, Amy Hood, Jonathan Leder, Sean Maung, Chelsea Nyegaard, Robert Farber and Kilroy Savage. The show was on display on September 2014 at No Romance galleries, which is located in the heart of TriBeCa at 355 Broadway. “Sex Monsters” Volume 1 is the first installment of a serial collaboration showcasing ten artists’ overtly sexual works with the intent of bonding the viewer, artist, and subject in a most primal and intimate manner. More than a social commentary on modern sexuality or artistic renditions of the human form, Sex Monsters is a personal invitation to go off the deep end into the limitless world of gender bending, fetishism, prostitution, and vice. The viewer is the voyeur as contributing artists thrust the gamut of emotion associated with sexual encounter.

Among attendees were Anna Ivlieva, Lorenzo Fariello, Amy Hood, Jonathan Leder, Sean Manug and a fame American artist Robert Farber.

Anna Ivlieva at 'Sex Monsters' Exhibition
Anna Ivlieva at “Sex Monsters” Exhibition

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