No more mortgages under water and no more foreclosures? Too Good To Be True – Or Simply Genius™?

The business model at GeniusCo-Op is built around finding creative ways to generate revenue, such as earning funds from their Genius Pre-Paid Credit Card.
GeniusCo-op™ introduces its GeniusZero™ Interest Free Home Loan Program

Miami, Florida, Wednesday, December 06, 2013With Zero Interest and only 2 months down payment, home buyers can now take a home loan with GeniusCo-op™, a National Housing Cooperative.  A $100,000 home loan with Zero Interest over 30 years is only $277 per month. The same mortgage over 15 years is only $555 per month enabling home buyers to take advantage of the GeniusCo-op™ Lease to Own program. The poor condition of the global economy is the sole reason why people do not have the liquid cash for buying their own home. GeniusCo-op™ offers a chance to the home buyers to take a loan even with a low credit score. With their GeniusZero Interest Free Loan Program they create a new horizon for a better economical viable future.

The company believes in improving the economic condition across USA with creative financing programs and in consequence helps home buyers across the Nation to get to their Genius homes with ease. “I think the only way of stimulating the world economy is to cut the interest rates for home loans. This should be the approach from the Government, however we couldn’t wait much longer for that to happen, so we finally took the initiative in creating the “GeniusZero™” loan program” to offer home buyers affordable housing and to create new jobs for America , said Diana Winters, a Spokesperson of the company.

“This would be a permanent home loan solution and will stimulate the economy for the people of this Nation”, said David Burton gleefully, one of the pleased members of GeniusCo-op™.

The average citizen spends approximately 35% of ALL their income on interest and other financing costs, which leads to problems every frustrated home buyer faces right now. The current banking system is set up to benefit banks and other financial institutions… not the home buyer! This is why the average citizen spends one third of their income on interest and other financing costs alone! Yet, most people feel powerless to change this unethical practice.

The company believes there are better ways to stimulate the economy than helping people to pile on more debt and more taxes just to get access to shelter. Done right, the nationalizing of the Federal Reserve Bank of this once great Nation would eliminate Government debt, excessive taxes, and provide funding for citizens around the country with interest free home mortgages, which would create a massive, permanent, tax-free economic stimulus and create thousands of new jobs for America.

For those who are interested to be a co-owner of this solar powered community being developed by GeniusCo-op™, just visit their website at www.geniuszero.orgto learn how you can become a part of this once in a lifetime home ownership opportunity.

About GeniusCo-op

A National Housing Cooperative, GeniusCo-op specializes in generating real estate investment opportunities through membership programs. These are centered on the GeniusCo-op Luxury Lifestyle Solar Powered Lease to Own Communities. The company focuses on cost-efficiency by pooling the resources of its members, lowering the costs of products and services related to the community managed by experienced real estate professionals. The company is serving the entire nation with pride and success and wants to reach to every home buyer with their GeniusZero™ home loan programs.

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