No more boring presentations, the DaruZen software is here to make it fun!

Kotaro Morita, the man behind DaruZen software, runs a small company based in Boston, USA. He created this new and amazing software which promises to make your presentations more interactive and fun! The idea of Daruzen software was born in 2007, when Minatsu, a colleague and friend of Kotaro came to him for help regarding a presentation of hers on healing art. To match up with her public speaking skills and the hard work she has put up in working for the content, she was looking for a presentation which can woo her audience in a better way. Being a coder and programmer himself, Kotaro got an idea to develop a different kind of presentation software which may suit her needs in the best possible way. He researched a lot of already available software’s and  derived the key points which would help to create a new software with the added features like animation controls and easy to use menu links.

Kotaro took 3 months to develop this software, initially called FlaZen, and when Minatsu finally used it for her presentation the audience was amazed by it. It motivated Kotaro further and with the help of his another colleague and programmer Uiro, he started working on improving the software further to release better versions of it for which he returned to his small design lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and continued to experiment with the coding of FlaZen. He then loaned it to people for using it and noted down the feedback from them to overcome the shortcomings.

Kotaro worked on it for a year more extensively and after being exhausted along with battling with technical difficulties he release the improved version, named as DaruZen. The name DaruZen combines Daruma (the traditional Japanese vision doll) with Zen (a tranquil meditative peace).

To launch the DeruZen presentation software and to make it reach the maximum number of people, Kotaro is currently looking for some initial investors and funds of approximately $50,000 USD. As reported, the amount will be utilized in Hiring an intellectual property lawyer to protect the software ($6000), Compensating DaruZen Engineers Uiro and Kotaro ($14000), Website design plus manual creation and product demonstration video ($8000), Marketing and advertising($7000), Hiring a training spokesperson who can tutor DaruZen web-based users ($7000), Taxes and fees ($3000), Others ($500);

The DaruZen team promises a number of rewards for the initial investors as well. For instance, for their top level of $8,000+, they’ll list your name as a founding investor in DaruZen. For the $4,500+ reward level, they’ll design a special name and theme for your DaruZen. For the $150+ reward level, they’ll give you a special guidebook on the Principles of Presentation written by Kotaro.

If you’re looking for software which makes any professional presentation a spectacular experience, you may support and share this campaign.

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Company Name: Daruma The Factory, Inc
Contact Person: Kotaro Morita
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Phone: (857) 220-7285
Country: United States