NNC Members Lounge: Resourceful, Comprehensive, And Training And Support Community For Legal Nurses

11 January, 2017 – The legal nurse profession is no doubt a great one, but most nurses do fail in achieving their dreams all because of one thing-Fear. This may be due to the fact that they lack enough support, motivation, and mentorship which can help them stay focused, keep trying and become successful. Most legal nurses miss out a whole due to poor knowledge in marketing, both online and offline.

Just like in other entrepreneurial endeavors, legal nurses must learn to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, cutting edge but pocket-friendly marketing tips, relationship building skills, among others.

In 2016, after seeing multiple nurses go through legal nursing programs and failing at developing and maintaining a legal nursing business, Janice decided to launch NNC Members Lounge, a community that would encourage and inspire legal nurses everywhere to never give up on their dreams. In this community, Janice shares her secrets to creating and maintaining relationships with attorneys, marketing and advertising strategies that constantly keep the legal nurse in front of the attorney (and always in their mind), as well as inspiration and accountability to keep them in the game.

“It is my hope that with some additional training and skills, motivational activities, along with an interactive group dedicated to helping legal nurses achieve success, that nurses everywhere will step into their greatness and create the consulting practice of their dreams,” says Janice, CEO, National Nurse Consulting.

For more information, visit, www.nnc-members.com


Ms. Janice Dolnick is a Registered Nurse and Legal Nurse Consultant with more than 14 years of professional nursing education and experience in a wide variety of medical fields. Over the years working in those facilities, she has developed a unique communication style with people both in and out of the medical field.

Janice gained tremendous experience working as a travel nurse throughout the United States as well as in Haiti. After spending a majority of her career in a variety of geographical locations and medical settings, she decided to lend her experience in nursing to the legal community by launching National Nurse Consulting in 2009. 

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