Nike new football boots will integrate both the leather materials and new artificial fabric

Do you think that you could wear the Football Boots 2015 with both the experience of real leather and the knitted fabrics? Today, the article from the official blog of famous Football Boots online seller magista will tell you everything about this problem.

“Science and technology are not an excuse for us to compromise. From now on, football players and fans no longer need to make choice between leather and knitted fabrics. Now, one pair of newly adidas soccer cleats could make people have bother experiences of above two fabrics.” Said by Nathan Van Hook who is the Nike senior design director. Whether his words are true or false? Now, we will let you reveal the truth about this.

During the past three years, Nike already collected world’s many professional players and fans’ views about which kinds of materials they prefer to choose. The main answers have been concluded into two aspects. First, the comfortable wearing feeling that offers by the real leather fabric cannot be matched by the artificial material. Second, the thin and tough synthetic materials which have the high degree of force crisp, good water resistance, and so many other factors are superior that properties of the real leather. Nike official carefully thing about those actually data and make good decision to combine two kinds of fabrics into one shoe.

Nike’s specifically solution is to add the kangaroo fabric to crucial part of the shoe and then keep the remaining of innovative materials. In that case, players could not only experience the comfortable feeling of leather fabric and then enjoy the high performance of the new materials.

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