Nicole Duncan Releases New Book Unmasking the Truth

A Look At How God Has a Plan For All People

Baltimore – August 25, 2017 – Author Nicole Duncan is currently promoting her new book Unmasking the Truth: Sins, Secrets and Salvation. This book is about understanding how to notice challenges and how to get forward in one’s life. It is a good story that helps people to understand how God has a plan for everyone and how different points in life can make a world of difference.

The story is about a girl named Justice who has long gotten into many problems in her life and has struggled to make it through many obstacles. She aims to look at what she can do in order to resolve her life and change it for the better.

Much of the work that Nicole Duncan wrote states that Justice is aiming to do what she can to change her life and become strong. It is an important story that entails many revelations and discoveries about the self and what can be done to make life stronger.

This new book is reflective of her strong work that represents her faith. Duncan focuses extensively on hope and how well it can be used in one’s life. This includes understanding what can be done to follow God and to be more positive in life in many ways.

The most important point about Duncan’s work is her ongoing belief that all people have some kind of future to work with. This includes a future that focuses on being positive in life and knowing that there is always a potential for one’s life to be improved upon and positive in some manner. It is truly a fascinating point to review with regards to the Christian faith and how it can be used in some manner.

The real nature of the book is especially important to notice. This comes as there is a general design to get more out of one’s life in general and to be positive.

Nicole Duncan’s Unmasking the Truth is available on Amazon right now. Her website is also available now at Information on her upcoming tour is available on the site with a number of events coming along in the Baltimore area.

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