Newly launched app jefwifi offers free data sharing from anywhere in the world

The newly launched app on iTunes and Google Play, jefwifi allows the user to share data from anywhere in the world using free WiFi and wireless LAN sharing while the user’s privacy and security is protected by Facebook & Google. The app may also affect the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics positively, by providing a convenient platform for the users to share the happenings of the event.

The revolutionary new mobile application will make sharing of data across the world easier. It is designed to cater to the needs of both iOS and Android users. It runs seamlessly on both kinds of devices and suitable for users who don’t want to bother about the technicalities of sharing data. The app connects automatically through its auto connect feature and once it is connected the users can start sending data from anywhere in the world.

The unique app enables the user to get data from anywhere around the world, whether they’re in Asia, Africa or Europe. The best part is that the app is completely free of cost which is why it is gaining steady popularity among both the iOS and Android users. This is a futuristic app that may change the world of data sharing around the globe as well as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The jefwifi app can benefit a variety of users including the home owners, business owners, hotels and more. It can also be used by the small shop or café owners as the app will automatically add them to the app map while the shop or café owners will have an option to put its logo on their doors and windows.

Unlike the few other similar apps, jefwifi offers a high level of security so that the user can browse and share without any worries. The users can login to the app using their Facebook or Google accounts anytime they want and monitor the latest happenings 24/7 through this app. The app is recently updated to its new version that features better functionality, improved interface, and performance. The login security has also been upgraded and all the bugs have been fixed for enhanced user experience.

Jeffrey Pimentel is the man behind creating the innovative jefwifi app to make data sharing more convenient and secure for people. With this app, anyone can share data securely, no matter where they are. The app is available on iTunes and Google play for free download in Japanese and English languages. 

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