New Website Reviews California Online Casino Gambling is a newly launched review site that is designed to showcase online betting options available in the state of California. Besides offering reviews, the site examines the legal atmosphere in California with concerns to online betting and provides miscellaneous information relevant to gambling in the state.

Visiting the website, I found the layout to be basic but easy to navigate. Information is provided in a wide text box while page changes are handled by clickable sections along the top and right sections of the screen. The most salient piece of information for someone first visiting the homepage is the overview paragraph. The site describes itself as an expert resource that seeks to provide guidance into the world of both online and brick and mortar gambling, backed by the experience of professionals in the casino industry.

Readers are also assured that every institution and site listed on is fully legal for California residents. Further down the homepage is a host of core information, including a ranked list of top online casinos. The highest ranking site, Bovada Casino, is also given a bulleted information box that breaks down why it received its ranking. It lists welcome bonuses, friendliness of access to players in the United States, licensing, and the quality of its mobile casino application. This was helpful to me as a first time visitor, as it provided some insight into the factors that are considered in the list’s star rankings.

Further down the homepage are small, easy to read paragraphs on topics such as physical casinos and the legality of online casino gambling, many of which link to other pages on the website that have more detailed information. This effectively makes the homepage a crash course on the site’s content as a whole, one that I found simple enough to grasp and digest as a newcomer. The detail-oriented pages found through the links or navigation bars follow the same simple format.  Snappy, informational paragraphs about the various aspects of gaming in L.A. are presented along with a ranking list for casinos in that category. Several pages of information on physical casinos are present, giving usefulness to even those users who have no desire to take their betting online. Legality and legal history is also stressed, a further assurance that the casinos listed are above-board. A resources section provides users with referrals to responsible gambling services in the state of California, a welcome addition to any gaming focused website.

An equal amount of well-sorted detail is applied to the website’s game-specific sections, where major casino games like Roulette and Poker are detailed from both from the perspective of their core strategies and how they function when digitized in an online casino. These sections also have individually ranked e-casino lists with that particular game in mind. While the rankings don’t fluctuate much between games, the presence of such specific lists suggests a level of detailed analysis that backs up the site’s claims professional scrutiny. The site is rounded out by miscellaneous articles that are relevant to gamblers in California, such as payout percentages, gambling statistics, and the interesting social ramifications of the growth of Indian-run casinos across the state. I found these articles carried the same clarity as the rest of the website.

All in all, I found to be surprising in a good way. For a website focused on gaming through the internet, it boasts an impressive amount of information on the gambling scene in California as a whole.

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