New Website Launch Aimed at Supporting Small and Developing Businesses through Coaching Platform

James Earl Thompson launches new brand and website offering over 20 years of coaching experience to new and developing business owners. Thompson’s platform offers similar systems used in major companies for streamlining abilities to build profit from various resources. Understanding smaller businesses have limited resources, Thompson teaches how to maximize their skills through various automated processes that will increase profit by up to 30 percent. He has identified several “pain points” where businesses face bottlenecks with non-automated processes. Through his several master classes and coaching opportunities, he helps businesses streamline these processes and maximize their overall effectiveness. The result of automating these processes is an increase in both time and revenue that companies can use to reinvest for future development and success.

“What many of these companies don’t understand is these road bumps come from a lack of the proper IT infrastructure in place to expedite a lot of the redundant, day to day experiences. Through my master classes, I teach them a strategy for success,” Thompson says.

Currently, Thompson offers four master classes (click here) aimed at developing the IT infrastructure of smaller companies. These are Automated Online Marketing to Put Your Business in Auto-Pilot Mode. This course shows how to automate the marketing process, freeing up time for owners and their employees. Sales Funnels, a course designed to maximize and automate the sales funnel process without the time expense. 411 on Standard Operating Procedures teaches how to develop and implement effective SOPs to ensure consistency.  And Powered Up Processes, the go-to guide for creating clear, concise processes designed to cut excessive, unneeded processes. 

“Once you clearly define your goals and implement solutions, the next step is making sure you maximize your technological resources. Often this is overlooked. My goal is to help small business owners and companies skip over the hurdles involved in this process and help them position their company on the path to reap the rewards,” continues Thompson.

Thompson is a committed educator and coach whose mission is to help streamline business solutions for developing small businesses and entrepreneurs, making them competitive for the market. He brings a plethora of IT solutions to the table that he has implemented in companies including Rapiscan Systems, Nachmias Chiropractic, Success Solutions Lab, Woël & Thompson, Realty 411, Bank of America (formerly NationsBank), and many more. His courses create lasting structures that make companies run as if the owner was behind each function or department, ensuring its success.

Visit his new website (click here) for more information on how his new brand creates real solutions that benefit businesses as well as details on how to enroll in his master classes and start taking the steps towards streamlined business solutions today.

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