New T-Shirt & Basics Subscription Service Helps People In Need

Club Brando promises to deliver premium t-shirts & basics without the premium price.

Club Brando, a Los Angeles, CA-based clothing brand, has launched a premium t-shirt subscription service that promises to deliver t-shirts and basics at member prices made from the highest quality materials available every month, while helping people in need with every product purchased.

Club Brando is a subscription club that delivers a discounted package of premium t-shirts, long sleeve tees, tank tops, sweaters and more to its customers each month. These essentials are made from premium fabric with no logos or graphics – just a clean and simple essential look. Club Brando follows the same business model as Dollar Shave Club, MeUndies, or companies like Five Four Club, but for men’s premium basics.

The company’s founder, hybrid designer and serial entrepreneur Peter Perez Jr., says, “I started Club Brando because I couldn’t find a solution to my everyday style and also because I wanted to give back in some way. I believe that the t-shirt is the foundation of a man’s everyday style, and that without it, casual style could not evolve. So, with an eye for fashion and previous experience in startups, Club Brando was born.”

Members have the option to select from a variety of shirts that they want delivered giving customers the “power of choice,” says Perez. Club Brando appeals to everyday men who seek a simple yet refined look. All garments are made from the highest quality cotton and are cut to perfection so that they fit just right. Brando tees are similar to what you would find in a high-end shopping mall. The great thing is that Club Brando members never pay the premium retail price.

“We wanted to cut the retailer out of the equation,” says Perez. By selling directly to its members, Club Brando keeps the cost of the shirts as low as possible, with no middlemen or retail charge—just the customers and Club Brando.

Club Brando is also one of the few brands out there—and, quite frankly, the only clothing subscription service—that gives back to the community. “I wanted more than just a clothing club,” says Perez. “Just like the way that a shirt enhances your way of life, I wanted to create a company that also enhanced the lives of others in a different way. As someone who understands hardship and what it means to work your way up in order to achieve your goals, it has become my passion to do whatever I can to help others in need. That’s why we’ve committed to give a percentage to a charity with every monthly purchase we deliver. We are also working on setting a program where members will be able to send back their shirts to be recycled. We are just in the beginning stages and that’s parts of our roadmap”.  

Just as members have the power to choose their shirts, they also have the power to choose from several non-profits to contribute to with their purchase, making Club Brando a feel-good brand similar to Toms, Pura Vida Bracelets, or Sevenly, just to name a few.

Club Brando’s on-boarding methods are quite intriguing, promising a free shirt for the first month in order to try their product. They want you to “wear it, wash it, and test it out” as their website states. However, you need to repost their photo from Instagram @clubbrando and tag them to get a hold of a free shirt coupon code. This helps them spread the word. Then the price will be $49, $69, or $129 per month thereafter, far less than retail. They also offer a starter plan at $19 per month. Each plan comes with different items and quantities, such as specialty tees, hooded sweaters, crewnecks, and more.

The only downside so far is that Club Brando is not for women. However, Perez didn’t hesitate to address that shortcoming. “We are definitely working on the women’s brand as we speak,” he says, “but we are a small startup and growing steadily. We take baby steps. I can say that women all over the world will eventually have a club that speaks their style and fulfills their need for everyday basics as well.”

Club Brando may be in its early stages, but don’t forget that a company such as Dollar Shave Club started just five years before it got acquired for 1 billion dollars in 2016. Could Club Brando be the next Dollar Shave Club? It’s too early to say, but we do know for sure that it’s positioning itself for long-term success.

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