New Traffic Management Product Designed to Save Lives and Time – Roadboy Stackable Bollards by Melbourne Based Design Agency ONEPOINTSIX

With Roadboy stackable bollards, you can fit up to 2 times as many bollards per ute or truck load. That means increasing your capabilities without any extra vehicles!
Roadboy stackable bollards are design to save lives. These boys not only stand up to intense punishment and are completely UV stabilized for outdoor use, they stack! Road Boys are also designed to conform to AS1743.1, so they tick all the boxes!

Roadboy stackable bollards are design to save lives, with new and innovative solutions for the traffic management industry and on-site OH&S, available in selected Bunnings stores across Australia. There are too many avoidable road and worksite accidents in Australia. Roadboy’s are specifically design to increase road and site safety while decreasing the likelihood of injury or death. This is achieved through Roadboys ultra high visibility parts and the ability to stack. Roadboy’s innovative stacking design means increased capacity per traffic management vehicle or worksite, which in turn means faster response time to problem areas and better traffic control solutions. Roadboys aren’t just highly visible, stackable bollards; they also conform to Australian and Vic Roads standards.

Standard T-top bollards perform their basic function satisfactorily, but they do have some major problems; many are not UV stabilized which means they degrade quickly in the harsh Australian sun, they don’t stack or nest efficiently for storage and transport, and it’s difficult or expensive to replace the orange tops, which are damaged far more often than the durable bases. Roadboy solves all these problems in innovative ways. Roadboy’s florescent orange tops are made of a UV stabilized and highly impact resistant material, ensuring long life, but if they do get destroyed by a wayward freight truck, Roadboy replacement tops are readily available in low quantities but at bulk prices, making them easy and cost effective to replace. All Roadboys are made from recyclable materials for eco-friendly disposal. Roadboy’s main feature is its stacking ability; either stacking vertically in sets of 3 or nesting in a horizontal line. Up to twice as many Roadboys can fit in the same amount of space as standard T-top bollards.

With this increased space saving capacity each worker or site can have more Roadboys on hand at any one time which means they can either do more jobs or respond to emergencies without reloading the vehicle. Traffic management and safety sectors will be substantially improved by the successful implementation of Roadboy stackable bollards; increased visibility of hazards, increased response time for emergencies and decreased space needed for storage and transportation.

Roadboys are currently retailing in selected Bunnings stores across Australia. For wholesale orders, contact ONEPOINTSIX directly at or call 1300 992 114. Alternatively visit for more information.

Roadboy is proudly designed by ONEPOINTSIX, an independent product design agency in North Melbourne, Australia. ONEPOINTSIX began with a clear goal – ‘to create products that are user friendly, highly innovative and contribute to a safer workplace’. Roadboy is the perfect embodiment of this goal, a new design that represents a huge step forwards for a product that has been stagnant for years, a product that should make the road a safer place for all.

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