New Technology Based On Decentralized & Proxied Video Streaming, Monvid, Changes The Streaming World

Apr 3, 2018 – Companies have started looking past the traditional way of streaming videos and have come up with several methods which makes video streaming easier for both the watcher and video creator. Monvid is a new technology which offers both decentralized P2P video streaming and decentralized Proxied video streaming. This technology uses blockchain technology to solve the pitfalls of traditional video streaming.

Monvid Streaming Platform has made streaming video easier for both the watcher and video creator by setting down certain platforms. The decentralized P2P streaming, for example, gives video streaming a transparency, flexibility and privacy, while the decentralized Proxied streaming enables the computer to stream any video with high speed and without limitations.

“We are focusing on the success of monvid and the great video streaming project we have on the table. The decentralized video streaming platform is a great idea, but there is no success for a great new idea without generating the buzz around, says Antonio Werner.

The Blockchain technology is the new solution Monvid has provided for video streaming with its distributed and decentralized network, that is, it has a completely scalable network and services, it is faster and has more efficient content quality and it is cost efficient.

About The Company

Monvid was founded by Antonio and Adrian, two old friends who were looking for new innovation which could change the video streaming world using decentralized application concepts and the blockchain technology. Monvid is one of the firsts platform building a better future for both the content producer and the viewers.

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