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When it comes to fashion on the internet, there are thousands of sites offering advice to the female demographic, but not so for the male demographic. Newly launched Custom Dress Shirt Review ( announces they are out to change that by providing a site that is a clearing house of information with the purpose to help men who are shopping for custom dress shirts online by reviewing various online suppliers providing useful information on choosing fabrics, measurements and buying accessories.

It has been twenty years since the term Metrosexual was released on the public and since that time, especially the last five years since 2010, the global menswear market is experiencing unprecedented growth as social acceptance and desirability for men to care about and even spend money on their personal appearance has grown and shows no signs of slowing down.

“We have a generation of young men who are more sophisticated than their predecessors and who have no qualms about buying contemporary, directional fashion,” noted Dylan Jones, the editor-in-chief of British GQ.

More specifically, according to research from Rakuten Linkshare, 83% of men surveyed prefer to shop online. Not only are men flocking to online retailers to get their new clothes, but according to fashion expert Chris Ventry, the general manager of Gilt Groupe’s GiltMan, men are even out-shopping women by between 20-30% in all areas of online shopping. Perhaps in part due to their aversion to spending time in malls and department stores, which are designed with the female shopper in mind.

Capitalizing on this, Custom Dress Shirt Review offers men advice on shopping for all things male fashion and reviews stores, experiences and even discusses intricate parts of fashion such as fabrics. For instance, bamboo shirt fabric has been shown to be better at moisture absorption and is now being used in a lot of menswear produced for workouts or heavy sweat environments.

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