New Report on What Makes Video Salesletters More Compelling Than Written Counterparts

If you’re a marketer and selling something online, you no doubt have learned the power of a good converting sales letter. Copy done well will compel a prospect to take some action, and that’s usually to your benefit. With the increase in internet speeds as well as the ever decreasing attention span because of social media, the video sales letter has replaced much of the traditional sales letters. This of course has to be tested and verified for each industry but overall, it’s due to the increased conversion of video sales letters that makes them popular. What’s we’ll discuss a bit is specifics why. Video Lead Box and Headlinr are two great products to help marketers convert better.

Watching Is More Fun

One thing you don’t need a detailed study about is to know that people like to watch things. It’s all about entertainment. The number of daily video views on YouTube are staggering, so it makes sense that one is more likely to consume video content more easily then to fully read a sales letter. Add to the fact that you can express things easier through video and put in visual components not possible any other way, strengthens the fact that video has many benefits.

Trust Factor

By using a video sales letter properly, one should inject themselves in front of the camera. Even those who are shy, should make an effort to at least show themselves even just for a second. What this does is build up trust and a connection with your audience that again, can only be achieved through video. A person reacts to various media differently so one needs to be familiar with the strengths of each type and maximize. Just putting up a video instantly puts it at a higher perceived value. Video Lead Box and Headlinr, two recently launched products, can assist in improving conversions.

These are only a few factors why video sales letters convert better. Things like pacing and tempo dramatically also effect how a message is absorbed. Only through video can you fully control that.

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