New Podcast “Tdh Voice” Now Available In Itunes

TDH Voice, Perspectives on an Epidemic, (, a podcast about the growing drug and alcohol issues in America, has just been released and is available to listeners for subscription on iTunes. The TDH Voice podcast focuses on the underrepresented perspectives of the addiction recovery landscape. It features people who have struggled first hand with addiction, such as people with substance use disorders and their family or friends, recovery and sobriety advocates, law enforcement, medical professionals, as well as counselors and therapists. It is geared toward anyone who has been touched in any way by the disease of addiction.

The most recent episode featured information on how society glamorizes female drinking culture and the impact that risky drinking has had as a result. The podcast is published twice monthly, reaching a growing audience of about 300.

Podcast host Lindsey Whittaker says, “You’d be hardpressed to find someone who hasn’t known at least one other person that has struggled with addiction in some way. Everyone has experience and therefore a perspective to share. The only way we can get through this is to stop and listen to one another. That is what I hope we can create with TDH Voice – a safe space for people to share and bring hope to those who are struggling to get through the day, regardless of their proximity to the problem.”

Fans of the podcast can contact either Lindsey or Deb via email at or call in at 877-203-8186 to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

To listen to the podcast, visit or by subscribing on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

About the TDH Voice Podcast

Based in Los Angeles, CA, the TDH Voice podcast serves listeners interested in learning about substance use disorders and their impact on our culture. Hosted and produced by Lindsey Whittaker and Deb Kavis, the TDH Voice podcast is released twice monthly and is available for subscription on iTunes).

More information, contact Lindsey Whittaker at 877-203-8186 or visit the official website:

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