New Online Course Provides Unique Approach to Learning Music Theory and Piano, Free Trial Teaches First Tune in 15 Minutes

Perth, Scotland – 9 October, 2017 – While many people associate music lessons with long, arduous practice, one musician and choir director claims his online music course is so simple that even complete beginners who take his free 15-minute trial course will be able to read and play their first tune on the piano.

Program creator David Dempster says his learning system provides a hands-on, step-by-step, accomplishment-focused process. After the initial free lesson, users have the option of purchasing the next six lessons in the Read & Play Music program for $4. The full version of Book 1 of Read & Play Music consists of a 23-course, 800-page, multimedia home study system that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of music, such as how to read and play songs on the piano, while providing trivia about the world of music.

“This course is unique for its clarity and workability,” said Dempster. “This turns the subject from a dry, boring grind into a fun and lively hands-on adventure in which you discover music for yourself.”

Read & Play Music is available for personal, family, and large group licensing. Books 2, 3, and 4 of Read & Play Music have not yet been released, but Dempster is currently accepting beta testers to receive Book 2, which promises to take the student’s piano playing from one-handed to two-handed, free of charge.

“Read and Play Music seems to be one of the gentlest approaches I’ve encountered for learning music theory and piano,” said curriculum specialist Cathy Duffy. “If students follow Dempster’s instructions, they can’t help but be successful.”

Read & Play Music is not only suitable for would-be pianists, according to Dempster. By providing a grounding in the essential elements of music, he says it is invaluable for anyone going on to play any instrument or sing.

Research shows that musical training enhances verbal memory, literacy skills, and spatial reasoning, making studying music worthwhile for anyone who wants to boost their brainpower.

“My mission is to open up the world of music-making to all who want it,” said Dempster. To try Dempster’s free 15-minute piano lesson or learn more about Read & Play Music, visit

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