New Necktie Trend: The Jireh Makes its Debut

Quite possibly the neckwear of the future, The Jireh will turn heads and is sure to spark conversations.

Part luxury, part innovation it plans to revolutionize the design that’s been around for over a century. “For over a century, the standard necktie has been by far the standalone neckwear accessory for men.” Now, the Jireh’s creators are letting the world know that life doesn’t have to be so dull. “Our necktie patterns have been uniquely re-engineered to incorporate our fabric accent located at the base of the front apron of the necktie. This accentuation of color along with its custom contours will certainly be the highlight of your wardrobe.”

No ‘fly-by-night’ design – the company Nevi’im has collaborated with artists, fashion designers, engineers, pattern makers, tailors and technicians over the past seven years to develop what they are now proud to introduce as the Jireh necktie. Choose from two ‘red carpet’ worthy Jireh neckwear pieces (the “Ark” and the “Straightway”). Whichever one you choose, it’s sure to generate a buzz at your next big function. The models are distinctive! The envelope and accent fabrics will be made of pure silk woven fabrics from Italy, England and India to give diversity of look and style.

Designing new neckties and developing new color-ways can get complicated and expensive. It involves a significant amount of time and investment for tooling, technical packages, fabrics and prototypes. That’s where this Kickstarter crowd sourced funding campaign comes in.

Take advantage of all the perks through donations that will help revolutionize men’s fashion – one neck at a time. Find out all the details and get in on the action now and be one of the first to model one. Even if you can’t donate, tell your colleagues and share the links via your social networks about Jireh’s Kickstarter campaign site.

For more information:

Kickstarter Jireh’s Kickstarter campaign site



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