New Multimedia Presentation Software from Focusky is Perfect for Data Visualization

Free multimedia presentation software seems like one of those “too good to be true” deals, and yet that is exactly what Hong Kong-based Focusky is offering. Presentations have always been a way of conveying ideas in a way that is easy for others to understand. Tiny bits of information can be processed along with an explanatory visual in order to bring an idea to life. Using software like Focusky enables someone to “show” instead of “tell,” and that can be incredibly useful as visual images and sounds have more effect on memory and cognitive function than words on a screen.

Focusky enables a presenter to design something that is not only structured but also uses zooming effects and animations to deepen audiences’ impressions. The software comes with templates that allow for an image, video and audio to be enabled and embedded, thus impressing upon the listener pertinent information in a short period of time. Pound for pound, data visualization has more impact on an individual than words alone and is the first step in making a successful presentation. 

“In the era of information, people are looking for effective way to share ideas,” Jason Chen, CEO of Focusky explains. “This demand is strong, especially in business situations, for a product that is eye-catching and technology-forward. This is an age of tablets, smart phones, and watches. No one is impressed anymore with your standard PowerPoint. With our product we had to move that bar forward and do it fast.” 

Free multimedia presentation software like that of Focusky would have been impossible years ago, due to technology limitations and models of business. Today users have the option of downloading and experimenting with free multimedia presentation software that has free resources such as templates, themes, and shapes. The app generation realizes that try before one buys is how the game is played. By allowing users to realize data visualization through zooming presentation, Focusky creates a demand for their product. People will be so impressed with the free version that they will gladly buy the upgrades, which are (luckily) not at all expensive.

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