NEW “MOOD” Sunglasses Launch on Kickstarter with Customizable Features, Expressing Your Personality

Sunglasses Startup Offers Personalized “Bricks” to Share Your Mood with Designs

TRIESTE, Italy – September, 2015 ­- New Startup MOOD announced that it is raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finish the development of their revolutionary customizable sunglasses. The company set out to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to produce the first batch of their latest invention that is going to change the way we perceive our fashion products, empowering us to co­create designs. With each pair of MOOD sunglasses you get a set of MOOD bricks optimized to look great on the sunglasses and expand your creative horizons by adding colors, letters, numbers and symbols.

“Our say on our fashion products ends the moment we choose to buy them,” says Federico Vitiello, CEO of MOOD. “We wear things that someone else designed for us. We don’t wake up every morning and design our t­shirt for the day, and we definitely don’t re­imagine that shirt as our day progresses. Yet clothes and accessories are part of our personality. They are our form of expression. Before we open our mouths or shake hands, we’re already communicating through what we wear. What if we could move from being mannequins and choosers to become creators and designers? What if we could do that with the most important accessory, the one closest to our eyes?”

When these questions meet the endless colors and shapes from the building game that fostered countless imaginations, the answer is MOOD: a pair of sunglasses with one frame and infinite design combinations ­according to the “bricks,” interlocking design blocks, YOU add to them. MOOD is not officially licensed by LEGOTM, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE­O, or K’NEX BricksTM. It just happens to be compatible with all of them.

MOOD is available for pre­orders during September, 2015 on www.M­O­O­ through Kickstarter. Right now a handful of MOOD prototypes are touring the world in Hong Kong, NYC, Tokyo, Ibiza, London, Milan, Dubai – all around the world MOODERS are already trying them on, inventing their own version of the sunglasses, sharing their pics online with #MOODglass, and even suggesting new original MOOD bricks on the Facebook group MOODERS. The best bricks will be chosen online by the community itself and used in the official MOOD bricks set.

A quality product

MOOD partnered with an established Italian eyewear factory which is ready to go into production as soon as the pre­order crowdfunding campaign ends. They allowed MOOD to select the best material you can possibly have in a piece of eyewear. Zeiss lenses: total UV protection, innovative anti­glare, and scratch resistant. Sturdy and flexible polycarbonate frames with black matte finish. Ergonomic shape, studied to fit all faces and head types.

Who’s behind MOOD

The initial idea and design came to Federico Vitiello (Trieste, Italy) in January 2014. Together with a friend he 3D printed the first few prototypes and went to the streets of Berlin, Paris and Budapest, inviting random people to try them on and assemble their own glasses. The feedback was overwhelming.

Once back home, he assembled a slideshow of the best pics and started building a team. Marco Davanzo and Silvia Oliverio, also based in Trieste, jumped fully onboard and have become the shoulders of the project, beyond their official graphic design skills. Blaz Kemperle designed MOOD’s logo and website. Stefano Pisciotta is in charge of marketing and patents. Matija Milkovich finalized the prototype. Riiba studios crafted the promo videos. Many other models, photographers and artists helped from Paris to Budapest. MOOD is based in the startup accelerator Impact Hub Trieste which provides a healthy network of connections and a beautiful office to work from.

Media Contact
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