New Mobile Sports Device which Relieves Muscle Soreness and Sports Injury Pain, starts a Fund raiser

If you’re a person who’s trying to lose weight through exercise and need to prepare your body for the heavy work out, Reveille will do just that for you. It will boost and regenerate your muscle power so that you can work out in a better way. Even if you’re a sportsman and need to relax your muscles after a long sports session, Reveille is the right product for you.

Our body is susceptible to magnetic fields and far-infrared light and both have a major effect on the functioning of the living system in general. Reveille is designed using both magnetic fields and far-infrared light and this technology when combined in a mini gadget helps relax your muscles, giving you a warm and comforting feeling. It can help in reducing pain as well.

Reveille is 100% drug free product which can wake up your body, warm up your muscles, calm down your heart and relax your mind in a very easy way using a 40 minutes program, without any effort. It is an innovative product which can warm up your muscle before you’re going for a physical activity and thus, prevent the side effects such as cramps, muscle soreness, pain etc. Moreover, using it after any heavy physical activity may relax you to the normal state.

Reveille is a French word meaning rising or waking up, and this product does just that. It wakes up your cells and helps you relax and rejuvenate yourself.

The Vienna based company Skylark EU has created this product with a vision to spread this technology to as many people as possible and currently is in the process of raising funds for the same. If you believe the product can be useful to you or someone you know, you can contribute by visiting the company’s site.

You can get in touch with them via their Indiegogo’s campaign.

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