New LED Flame Effect Light Bulb Re-Creates the Aura and Mystique of Fire

April 12th, 2018 – A new innovation has just turned the humble LED light into the warm, amber glow of fire. Every home will radiate a new ambience with the LED Flame Effect light bulb, an almost magical reproduction of the effect of glowing flames that impart their own romantic or mysterious charm to everything around.

After investing heavily in décor and interiors, here is the final missing piece to create aesthetics that are simply mind blowing. The LED Flame Effect light bulb starts instantly, glows bright, and produces a vivid, flame like effect. Home owners without a fireplace will specially love the LED flame lamp as the best interior decision they ever made.

The new flame lamp can be used on a variety of ways. Its flickering flame effect can illuminate indoor spaces, and decorations both indoors and outside. The LED flame lamp will make for an attractive source of light and visitor’s curiosity when used in restaurant, discos, night clubs, showrooms, or in gardens and cinema theaters.

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb comes in white color, with shockproof features and easy shipping. The flame light bulb works on 110V and consumes a light load of 1.8W. The product can be bought from the NextElect store on Myshopify, and comes with a 15-day, original condition return guarantee.

NextElect is a Hong Kong based company, and offers high-quality, global technology gadgets and products for a more efficient and smarter life. The company engages professional market research staff which is focused on discovering and delivering on time novel, playful and great technological products to customers all over the world.

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