New GEO Fencing Advertising Service Empowers Advertisers To Better Target Their Ideal Customers

Farmingdale, New York – June 11, 2018 – For optimum business success, advertisers want to deliver their message to high potential customers as directly and efficiently as possible.  Targeted electronic advertising has proven quite successful in helping companies reach out to highly qualified customers in the most cost-effective manner.  Although available for several years, the next evolution in targeted mobile advertising is location-based advertising. 

Tell All Digital, an industry leading digital marketing and online advertising firm proudly launched,, its new GEO fencing marketing and advertising programs that are the perfect solution for advertisers who want to target individuals based on their offline behavior.  Advertisers can no target individuals who physically visit a specific location and serve their ads to those users in real-time, or attend a certain event allowing advertisers it’s GEO fencing campaigns get more reach and better results than similar zip code or city-wide targeting campaigns.

“Behavioral marketing used to be about identifying buyer intent based solely on an individual’s online activity” states Bill Kakis, Director of Operations and one of the creators of Pintelligence. Now we can target individuals based on their offline behaviors.”  

Simply put, Pintelligence is a location based mobile advertising solution based on people’s physical location. GEO fencing is the ability to use global position systems (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries and allow a system to establish target areas and gather information from electronic devices that cross over those boundaries.  With Pintelligence’s advanced and precise polygon tracking algorithm, advertisers can target entire buildings or even just certain parts of a building.

“Pintelligence takes traditional GEO Fencing to the next level” says Steve Bookspan, President of Tell All Digital.  Most Geo fencing campaigns end once a person leaves the target location, Pintelligence gives you the ability to follow that person for a month or more on multiple devices after they leave the fenced in area”. 

Auto dealers can target and show ads to car buyers shopping in competing dealerships. injury lawyers being able to send ads to people in hospital waiting rooms. Ecommerce stores can target physical business.  The health club can send mobile ads to people who shop at the nearby health food store. The possibilities for highly targeted and successful local advertising are unlimited and can include focused location advertising at:

  • Event venues and locations
  • Sporting and music events
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Competitor locations
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Stadiums
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls and strip malls

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No other technology exists today that allows for such a granular and targeted approach to identifying and building a well-qualified audience.  PinTelligence’s targeting technology triggers when a mobile phone enters the pre-defined geographic location.  Every time someone enters that location, their phone id is captured and thru their real-time bidding platforms, digital ads can be delivered right away as well as anytime over the next thirty days or more across multiple devices.

To learn more about PinTelligence and its most advanced location-based mobile advertising solutions, review the benefits of its GEO fencing advertising, or talk to a representative today, please visit, email, or call +1-877-702-1971.

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