New Consumption Tracking app helps users manage expenses and spending decisions

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Born out of frustration with limits in existing budget tracking applications, the newly released Consumption Tracker app is the next level in consumer support. The new app is a “must use” tool that helps users easily track the frequency and quantity of what they are purchasing, from grocery items and office products to tracking how long equipment lasts in your workplace.

Alex Dowling, a 25-year old civil/structural engineer, shaped the app as a personal project. He says this is a new tool to give users insights that other apps do not. “Let’s say you drank 30 bottles of soft drink this past week. Consumption Tracker will show you how much you are using so you can decide if you want to continue spending your money in that way.” Dowling added, “You can absolutely budget with the tool, but you have the added value of being able to check the wisdom of your spending decisions as you see the frequency and quantity of what you are consuming.”

Dowling says the app is very user friendly. He encourages anyone who is interested to install the free app to see if it is right for them. “Ideally, use Consumption Tracker for a few weeks to see what trends turn up in how you spend your money, in what you consume most, and ultimately find areas where you can save money,” Dowling encouraged.

There are two simple steps users will follow steps once they have installed the app:

Step 1: Enter the name, purchase date, quantity, and cost of the item, along with any other details you want to capture.

Step 2: Once the item is completed consumed, you mark the item as used.

Dowling says he made sure that the app has all of the features that users would want, including the following:

  1. Add as many items as you want.
  2. Capture and add photos of your items.
  3. Manage and assign categories to items.
  4. View statistics and charts about expenses in a given date range.
  5. Export your data to CSV file.
  6. Create and restore local data backup copy.

Consumption Tracker is available for download now from the Google Play store at

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