New comedy Who’s Jenna…? set for home entertainment release in April

Film hails from writer-director Thomas Baldinger

A new comedy featuring a couple of members of TV hit “The Sopranos”, as well as acclaimed actors Bill Sorvino and Tracey Birdsall, gets its long-awaited home video release next month.

Who’s Jenna…?, written and directed by Tom Baldinger, is a romantic comedy that focuses on a relationship that’s thrown a curve ball when the woman is suspected of being a famous adult film star.

Jonathan Burke (Bill Sorvino), a successful financial advisor, starts dating Jenna Casey (Tracey Birdsall), an accomplished lawyer.  Jonathan’s best friend, Andy Roma (Joseph D’Onofrio) is convinced she looks exactly like a famous adult film star. Not only does Jonathan have to deal with his friend’s nonsense, but he also has to juggle his relationship with his boss (Garry Pastore), who is possibly black-mailing him, and is Jenna’s brother in-law.

“It definitely has a Boogie Nights feel to it at times” Baldinger said in a recent interview. “It also has that “Old School” or even “Animal House” kind of feel too.  It’s a wacky rom-com.  What starts out like a simple love story is hijacked by some fun and wacky characters.  But there is a message in the film.  And that message is about not judging people too quickly before you really get to know them.”

Garry Pastore (“The Deuce”), Vincent Pastore (“The Sopranos”), Vic Dibitetto (Paul Blart : Mall Cop 2), Jeremy Gilbert (Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom), Edwin Guerrero (The Other Guys), Jill Christy Reiss (“The Good Wife”) and Precious Pia co-star with Birdsall and Sorvino in the movie. A legendary adult star makes s a special appearance.

“Amber Lynn is making a cameo in the film and talking to her was quite helpful.  I wanted to make sure what I was doing was outside the lines.  When I told Amber the plot of the film I remember her liking it a lot and I believe that’s when she signed up for the cameo.   Learn anything interesting?  Is anyone in the film actually playing a famous porn star or are they merely inspired by some? Mike Tota is playing a fictitious porn star and I think we both were able to draw from some 70/80’s porn stars.   Without giving anything away all I can say is that we had a lot of fun with that character!”

Indican Pictures will release the film on April 24th in 100+ million homes throughout Video On Demand, TV, rental stores and retail outlets.

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