New Children’s Book Armors Black Children with Powerful Self Identity Against Racism

FULTON, MD – June 25, 2018 – African American parents looking for a resource to empower their children against the attacks of racism now have a dynamic, new resource to help them following the launch of the new book, Who Are You, Baba?

Written by Dr. Amy Holda Gueye, Who Are You, Baba? is a beautiful story of an African orphan boy whose African history is retold to him by his multicultural adoptive family, symbolizing the world. When he asks, “Who am I?” the answers that follow page after page will awaken the wonders in any young reader.

Who Are You, Baba? is the first book in the Stories for Our Children series Dr. Holda. When asked about the motivation for writing the book, she explained: “The bullet proof armor against racism is built as a child. It is not enough to simply have representation in media. We need positive representation that reflects the full beauty and potential of our children. I wanted to provide a resource that empowers our children with a psychological armor against the attacks of a racist world. ”

Who Are You, Baba? offers a different perspective from traditional self esteem children’s books for black children. The book focuses on the empowering aspects of African history without ever mentioning race. One parent summed up the overall impact of the book. She said: “I cannot thank Dr. Holda enough. In the middle of my “hair” crisis with my five year old daughter, this book helped us navigate through our roots and she finally hears me when I tell her that she is beautiful. And yet this book never mentioned a word about black hair. It’s just brilliant.”

Who Are You, Baba? offers a unique and eye-opening experience for readers of all ages and

facilitates the job of black parents everywhere. The book is available in Kindle and paperback format

on Amazon for a retail price of $3.99 and $15.99, respectively. For further details visit: 1&keywords=who+are+you+BAba.

About the Author:

Dr. Amy Holda Gueye, whose pen name is Dr. Holda is a medical doctor by day and a passionate writer by night. She is an independent scholar of African history and how the psychological trauma of historical censorship and bias affects us. She is described as an innovator in international health, an entrepreneur, a healer of the mind, body and soul and a true game changer in the psychological healing of our African children and global consciousness. Who are you Baba is the first of several books in the series entitled Stories for Our Children.

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