New Cancer cell line panel screening technology will better help to cure cancer

May 20, 2015 – America – Cancer is one of the major diseases that could threat human health and then the prevention and treatment of cancer has become one of the main objectives of the research and development of Therapeutic antibody engineering.

Initially, the tumor antibodies are mainly used for vitro and in vivo immunodiagnostic RII. However, with advances in antibody engineering technologies during recent years, more people will focus more on the development of antibody drug treatment.

As the introduction of famous Epigenetics service supplier, the Rituxan could be regarded as the first approved human cancer therapy genetically engineered antibody in US. It has been originally used for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and the total effective rate could reach to 60%.

Currently, the clinical cancer therapy always exist the problem of “regardless of the enemy” which is that the drug will kill both the tumor cells and normal cells.

The newly Cancer cell line panel screening may help to solve this problem. After the connection with the connection with toxins, radioisotopes, chemotherapy drugs and tumor antibody, the drug can specifically kill tumor cells without huge damage to human cells.

This method usually adopts the chemotherapy. It will play great effect to a variety of tumor colon cancer, liver cancer and gastric cancer. In a word, this newly has very good potential in the near future.

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