New Book Underscores the importance of Clean Energy in Daily Life

Clean energy advocate Jeremy Gorman’s informative book, “Enerjettics: Your New Energy” is now available at

Wilmington, Vermont – May 23, 2018 – Gorman’s book Enerjettics is very timely while our extreme demand for fossil fuels is devastating our atmosphere and contaminating our oceans.  According to the author “The world will no longer be fit for human habitation in one hundred years if we continue this increasing demand for fossil fuels.  Enerjettics is your guide to replacing these depleting resources with the free, clean energy that engulfs every home.  You can save money while saving the world.

Few people are knowledgeable in this abundant renewable energy.  The responsibility is enormous, but there are 7 billion of us.  If we Do It Together (DIT) the largest problem becomes simple and enjoyable.  Enerjettics is your guide to enjoy saving money by saving the earth.

Jeremy Gorman has long been upset by our extravagant use of fossil fuels.  He has already written books about clean energy for our future.  Society knows the essence of changing energy sources, but individuals and private businesses must take the lead in making that change—Big Energy will not!

Enerjettics explains many systems and technologies that bring this kind of change.  Save money by saving the environment.  The author has also created an Enerjettics website to help people enjoy DIT and save the environment for your grandchildren.

Energy enthusiasts can now check out the following link, and get their copies.





About Jeremy Gorman

Jeremy Gorman’s personal goal in life is innovation. He joined Air Pollution Control in the 1940s, when the author first saw severe air pollution issues. Jeremy was called back to the United States Navy.

After his discharge, Jeremy worked for Glastic Corporation in the new but growing enterprise of fiberglass construction. He got enthralled by the novel concept of adhesive substances as well as glues that cured chemically rather than the use of solvent evaporation. He joined the American Sealants Company which later became Loctite Corporation. It developed special adhesives for household and industrial purposes. He stuck your fingers together with Superglue.

While all these events were unfolding, Jeremy and his wife took care of problematic and abused teens needing reorientation in society. The loss of the couple’s younger son at 17 years enhanced their foster parent work. They collaborated with the State Government of Connecticut and helped 27 teenagers in 31 years.

These youngsters had different problems which inspired him to write several books.  His late spouse wrote “5 Cedar Hill” about unsettled teenagers. His first book was “In His Own Image” which Jeremy published in the year 2001.  Congenitally disabled Dr. Adam Szymanski learns to create DNA fragments to cure hereditary ailments, but finds the social ramifications more challenging.

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