New bestseller reveals how to fling the doors to success wide open!

DEE WHY, New South Wales, Australia, November 25 — “It is not what happens to you, it is what you do about it,” might as well have been written about Lynda Dyer, as it is the motto she lives by.

In her new bestseller, You Can Make it Happen NOW: Making life happen once you know how!, author Lynda Dyer shares how she came from incredibly humble beginnings and faced many hardships and closed doors. What makes her an inspiration is that she flings those doors wide open and makes the impossible happen. Lynda gives readers the belief and energy to have a go and see what happens. It is precisely because she has overcome her own hardships that she knows that others can too. She sees the potential in people’s spirit instead of the limitations of the physical plane. It is this that allows her to make magic happen.

“Lynda has inspired and transformed thousands of people with her determination and passion. Now with this book, she will be able to reach thousands more and show that you can overcome your own issues to be a shining light, just like she has.” ~ Pip McKay,
CEO of Evolve Now Mind Institute Pty Ltd

The best way to describe Lynda is as a winner. Lynda “wins” in everything she undertakes. Lynda has overcome many personal challenges within her own life, including totally defeating the debilitating Lupus condition. Inspired by her own achievements, her passion is in the education and empowerment of others, and combined with her extensive experience and qualifications, Lynda’s educational and motivational seminars are always highly sought after.

Lynda’s educational and training materials are used throughout the world. She has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Lynda is available for interviews, public appearances and book signings.

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