New Art by Bruno Koncul Combines Tech and Sculpture for a Futuristic Legacy

Zagreb, Croatia – June 13, 2018 – From ancient times, man has endeavored to create immortality, to leave behind a legacy and irrefutable proof of his existence. The new sculpture by Bruno Koncul, “TAF SKAL,” is an innovative new form expressed through the vehicle of a computer inside a skull and encased within a breakaway infinity box. With his technique, Koncul can immortalize anyone with their own TAF SKAL.

“I wanted to make our own avatar as the product of the digital age where we strive to live a life where everything has to be perfect to the smallest detail,” said Koncul. “The skull was chosen as a symbol of our transformation into the unknown, were we leave our digital self in a brain of our era.”

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The futuristic skull has a mirror finish and 8,640 Swarovski crystals are placed and glued one at a time by hand. The crystals represent the beauty of human skin and bone is replaced with carbon fiber that can withstand time itself.

The computer can be used as any other desktop or displayed as the unique work of techno art that it is. Koncul had to create his own molding technique to capture the complexity of the human skull with all of its nuances in carbon fiber and it took a full year to fashion the mechanized infinity box that unites the sculpture and the concept.

Koncul can even make a replica of a future owner’s skull that will form the centerpiece of an inspired handcrafted work of art. Teeth are cast of metal and gold-plated. Upon request, teeth can be cast of solid gold, as can all of the other metal parts used on TAF SKAL, such as logos, decorative screws and numbering plates. Swarovski crystals can be replaced with diamonds upon request and the sculpture can be customized in multiple ways.

The carbon fiber skull houses a state of the art PC with a performance that will satisfy most pro-level users. The lightning fast and feature loaded machine operates almost dead silently allowing the artistic aspect to shine with quiet poignancy. TAF SKAL can even be voice operated on Windows 10 using Microsoft Cortana.

The sculpture rests on a base of acrylic glass that was ceramic-coated for durability.

The LED-lit base is controlled manually or with the TAF SKAL app. When set to default lighting, it activates breathing mode that mimics real human breathing patterns. The infinity box creates the illusion that it has no ending, like a portal to another universe.

“Currently, we are in negotiation with art galleries from the U.S. for representation and we have even been contacted by a movie studio from Europe for a possible appearance in a movie,” said Koncul.

TAF SKAL hasn’t officially debuted, though Koncul would like to unveil his work to the world at the prestigious 2018 Art Basel in Miami Beach, FL. The crystal series of TAF SKAL is the first edition and will be available until 311 of the unique tech-art objects are sold.

About Bruno Koncul

Bruno Koncul is a Croatian artist who graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design and Vern’ University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics. He’s worked in marketing at a number of international companies, but art was always his close companion and his first love.

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