New App Mulaah Converts Android Smartphones into Income Generators

Those hooked to their smart phones all day can now earn for doing so! Mulaah is an exclusive Android app that rewards users with real money when they view ads, participate in surveys or watch videos. The app has already earned popular rapper and businessman Clifford ‘T.I.’ Harris, Jr. as a partner.

With brands and organizations constantly seeking people to view their ads or share their opinions and preferences, the smartphone can also double up as a source of income, and Mulaah is where the money is, letting users transfer their share of the revenue to Paypal.

More than an app, Mulaah is a well designed, personalized mobile system that allows smartphone users to customize their device, including themes, apps, icons and games. Unlike other such apps, Mulaah shares the revenue earned by advertising and surveys with the phone user, who receive 10 percent of the revenue in the form of Mulaah points.

Mulaah can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and post installation the Mulaah interface becomes the home and lock screen where ads, surveys and marketing campaigns are displayed. The mobile advertising industry is a whopping $600 billion and rising, and Mulaah gives every user the opportunity to get a share of the pie by merely using their phone, with no limits on how much income can be generated. Mulaah keeps all user information confidential and does not interfere with the existing content on the device.

“The idea behind Mulaah is to pay users as they use their phone through a shared revenue model. Advertisers display ads throughout the user’s device and the revenue is shared with the user based on the amount of Mulaah Points accumulated. These points can be either be spent within the Mulaah Ecosystem to make mobile purchases,” says Vernell Woods, co-founder and CEO of Mulaah, previously from Yopima, IBM, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems and a Georgia Tech alumnus.

Mulaah also works great as a smartphone organizer with a new home screen layout and groupings of current apps into simple buckets. Two special custom versions of Mulaah are also available. Mulaah Rise allows users to monetize old clothes, taking pictures of receipts, surfing the web, selling old electronics, shopping and even playing scratch offs. Mulaah Protect enables greater safety and protection with features such as wire-tap detection, securely hidden folders, changing app icons and names, and secure SMS and video chat.

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