New app ‘Chinese Strokes Order’ receives great reviews from the users on App Store

Chinese Strokes Order is the recently launched app for iOS users that allows the users to learn Chinese writing in an easy manner. The app has received great reviews from the users and currently stands on a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. One of the users mentions in their review, “Not just useful for learning to write and recognize characters. The app also provides the meaning of the characters. The price is very low and very well worth it! Thank you!!”.

Most of the people who don’t know anything about the Chinese language get intimidated by it and are afraid to try learning it. It’s a true fact that writing Chinese is a lot different from writing other languages and at first glance, it just seems like a scary block of words with no idea how to form it. This is when Chinese Strokes Order comes into the light to help the interested individuals in learning to write Chinese letters easily. Once a person knows how to write Chinese, it also becomes easier for them to learn how to speak and understand the language.

The app describes the various nuances of Chinese writing, the most important being is to form the strokes, a classified set of line patterns that are arranged and combined to form the Chinese characters. It helps the user in mastering to form the strokes and learning the logic behind the radicals so that they understand the Chinese language better.

To use the app, the user simply has to type in a Chinese character and the app will instantly show them the animated stroke order for that character. The app also allows the user to easily change the stroke speed as per their convenience and to learn at their own pace. Talking about the functionality of the app another user says, “Very simple app that does quite a bit for those learning Chinese! I’m very happy to have found this app! It allows you to find any stroke order by entering the character you choose. I would highly recommend this app to those working on the Chinese writing system”.

Chinese Strokes Order is one of the simplest and effective ways to learn Chinese writing from anywhere and anytime. It’s a cross-platform learning tool that enables the users to lean the strokes order right from their smartphone or tablet. The app not only helps the user in learning and recognizing the Chinese characters but also to understand the meaning of those characters.

Chinese Strokes Order app supports both simplified and traditional Chinese. It is available for free download with optional in-app purchases through App Store.

Every Chinese learner should get this app, you will love it!

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