New and Innovative Uses Of Shipping Containers

If you are looking for a way to ship merchandise in a safe manner, then a shipping container is what you are looking for. Shipping containers are durable and safe to ship anything in. You have the option to rent or buy a shipping container.


Intermodal shipping containers have standardized dimensions. This is so they can be conveniently stacked and transported to longer distances without any trouble. Their standard dimensions make it easier to transfer them when they arrive at their destination onto the mode of transport (container ships, rail transport flatcars, or semi-trailer trucks) waiting for them.


A shipping container is built to be strong enough to handle all types of shipping and storage conditions. They come in a variety of sizes, from large refillable steel rectangle-boxes, which are used during intermodal freight shipments, to the universal-sized grooved containers. These shipping containers were created to be transported from one form of transport to another without the hassle of unloading and reloading them.


Container transport is a huge resource to the shipping industry in that it affords the following benefits:


  • Gives the shipper a detailed real-time tracking of where the container is at all times.
  • Items are ensured to be correctly packed and shipped to meet all legal and safety conditions.
  • Allows containers to be transported on strong flatbeds to move large equipment.
  • Warehouse storage options.


Shipping containers at Ontario Container Transport (OCT) can be used for much more than just shipping cargo. They have been converted into homes, business offices and even small restaurants. Shipping containers can be used to create a small cozy ‘off-the-grid’ getaway or even several containers can be combined to create a custom-made home.



If you are seeking a means to transport a large load across the city, state, or country and need it to arrive safely and on time to its destination, give Ontario Container Transport (OCT) the opportunity to serve you. This container transport company has a commitment to provide the best type of assistance in hauling loads all over North America. With rates that are incomparable and a customer service policy that will certainly satisfy all your needs.

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