New 2018 Model Electric Shaker Cup for Drinks and Shakes, Features 16,000 RPM, USB Rechargeable, Leak Proof, and No Lumps

May 10, 2018 – New Electric Shaker cup, by Level up, is the latest model of a recent generation of shaker bottles that feature high speed blending, rechargeability, leak proofing, and clump resistance. This powerful shaker can quickly mix up drinks with no clumping with just a push of a button. Through 16,000 revolutions per minute, this new shaker can blend quickly and effectively, creating a smooth tasting drink.

This New Shaker cup consists of powerful internal motors that blend flawlessly at a maximum 16,000 rpm. It’s powered by a high quality, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB charging ports which can easily connect to any charger or computer for quick charging. The item comes with a 40-inch USB cable included alongside the bottle.

The cup also contains airtight rubber sealed compartments to store ingredients such as protein powders, until they are ready for use. To create your drink, simply put your ingredients in the cup, press the button and blend for a few seconds, and you’re done. Enjoy smooth, perfect protein shakes every day with the world’s finest portable electric shaker.

For every purchase of the premium vortex shakers, there is a guaranteed 1-year warranty to cover any repairs or replacements if necessary. With BPA and leak free acrylic materials, ensured to be crack resistant and chemical resistant, the cup is guaranteed not to leak or cause any concerns for your health.

Cleaning the shaker is easy. Simply place the shaker in the sink and under hot water while wiping it down with dish soap. With such an easy cleaning process, you will want to use the shaker every day to create enjoyable, delicious drinks, with no hassle.

Visit, to purchase the new shaker cup, and enjoy refreshing drinks for a low price of $29.99, or contact them at for any inquiries.

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