Nevada Family Survives Arctic Like Cold – SOS Rescue Tools’ Tips On How To Prepare For Such An Event

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Nevada Family Survives Arctic Like Cold – SOS Rescue Tools Shows How To Prepare For Such An Event

On Tuesday, December 10th, a family of 6 endured 2 days in wintry Nevada Mountains by starting a fire then bringing warm rocks into their over turned vehicle, preventing life-threatening frostbite to the couple and 4 small children, locals said Tuesday.

When three locals finally found the family and their vehicle during an enormous search, the household had little food left, so resident Salvador Paredes pulled a snack bar from his pocket and shared it with them, Paredes stated.

In a search involving 200 people, rescuers lastly found the household on Tuesday after they had gone missing two days earlier throughout a lively outing in the snow in mountainous northwest Nevada.

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Temperatures on Monday morning, hours after the household vanished, were about 21 degrees below zero, officials said. Winds were reasonably light.

The team was discovered safe in an area called Trinity Canyon, according to the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office. They were found from a distance by a volunteer searcher utilizing binoculars to scan mountainsides, the sheriff’s office stated. It wasn’t immediately clear which of the three homeowners made the discovery.

All 6 were in steady condition with “no frostbite, just some exposure issues,” said Patty Bianchi, CEO of Pershing General Hospital. The family includes a males and female who have 2 children together; the woman also was traveling with her nephew and niece, the constable’s workplace stated.

“This family was very lucky to be with a man who thought quickly to take immediate action in preparing for the worst” said William Douglas of SOS Rescue Tools – a global provider of survival gear designed to keep people safe in conditions exactly like these. “Unfortunately, most people in situations like this find themselves unprepared.”

For under 100 dollars anyone can prepare there automobile with the necessary items to best your chances in situations like this. Below are recommendations that, according to SOS Rescue Tools, every car owner should have, in order to keep their families as safe as possible.

First, in cold wintery areas, your number one priority is to stay warm. It’s recommended you have:

  1. Military grade Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets: These are very inexpensive and easy to store. You can find them for just a few dollars on sites like Mylar helps retain 90% of your body heat and is great as a standalone item, and even better as a liner over or in a flannel blanket.
  2. Magnesium Fire Starter: In most cases like this, a fire can mean the difference between life and death. Keeping a magnesium fire starter and/or a lighter as a part of your survival kit is absolutely key. There are plenty of resources on the internet on how to start a fire. Also, dry clean tinder and some fire wood is very smart to have.
  3. Car Safety Tool: A car safety tool designed to cut through seatbelts and break windows is a great thing to have. Look for one that not only works like an auto glass breaker and seatbelt cutter, but one with multipurpose functionality with a beacon and flashlight.
  4. Roadside Safety Triangle Reflectors: There’s a reason emergency safety triangle reflectors are required by law for anyone driving commercial vehicles. They work. But aside from its intended use, you can also place one on top of the vehicle, making it easy for nighttime search and rescue teams to see you and your family.
  5. A Good Dose of Prevention: Nothing replaces good old fashioned wisdom. If it is unusually cold, rainy, or icy, stay home! Especially if you’re not equipped with the proper emergency preparedness gear and a vehicle designed for extreme conditions.

The basic lessons to be learned by this family’s experience is, be prepared and be smart. Subzero temps 100 miles outside of civilization is no time or place to take children outside to play.

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