Nevada Based Company AJBenedict Announced Its New Affiliation With TrafficGenerationClub
AJBenedict Acquires New Account – As its new affiliate TrafficGenerationClub Introduces New Features to Drive Steady Flow of Customers to Businesses & Their Websites.

Since the internet emerged 25 years ago, with Webmasters and content providers optimizing sites for search engines in the mid-1990s, there are very few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providers that enable business owners consistently catch and drive steady flow of customers online to their websites.

A Nevada-based company, AJBenedict announced its new affiliation with TrafficGenerationClub with a limited-time, give away Free Membership access —

AJBenedict founder, A.J. Benedictus urged businesses to take advantage of this opportunity and see the positive gains they could make with a trial. He remarked that a trial will convince whether your expectations are met. He vouched that there is no doubt that businesses that try Traffic Generation Club would see their needs fulfilled.

Benedictus also remarked that AJBenedict is privileged to engage in this new partnership with TrafficGeneration Club because the company and its CEO, Aaron Danker have proven track-record of successes in uncovering the secrets of quick and easy means of attracting steady flow of new customers to business websites.

Apart from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features, he remarked that the company also provides quality and authentic business solutions to organizations that want to increase their marketing and wealth-building knowledge and skills.

Mr. Benedictus outlined some of the unique services the company provides such as:

• Guaranteed high traffic to websites with continuous customers’ patronage and cash flow to the bank account.

• Simple secrets that turn mediocre products sales into “off the charts,” record-shattering results.

• Profitable offline mailing lists; recall not all mailing lists are the same.

The company also has reliable and current mailing lists that guarantee positive customers’ response to websites and make purchases.

• Instant access to special report, audio and bonuses that show how too quickly and easily you could grab all the traffic you need, at a very FAST speed.

• Enabling companies discover the secret of choosing the highest-converting keywords in their niche markets. Tips businesses will absolutely use to dominate both pay per click marketing and the organic search engine results!

• Uncover the accuracy of harnessing the power of social media marketing. Learn the tricks most marketers use for the wrong reasons and why they generate such as dismal results.

• Locate social media sites that get lots of attention from Google. The discovery enables businesses, their products or services, to rank high using keywords of their choice in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Mr. A.J. Benedictus further explained SEO websites have not offered the services TrafficGenerationClub offers, in particular from unique business and human perspectives of doing business. He revealed that some of the problems clients face such as spams, constant shut downs, delayed customer support and unfulfilled delivery promises that most SEO providers do not address are taking care by TrafficGenerationClub. “Most marketers who buy co-registration leads get shut down because of spam complaints.” But he observed this is not the case with TrafficGenerationClub. He guaranteed that businesses subscribing to services provided by the company will not face spam problems and constant shut downs of their websites — which he explained does impact the bottom line.

Benedictus explained that customers aren’t just looking for a product or service; they need companies with products and services that appeal to their stakeholders’ businesses that understand their customers’ needs, place the customers on top of their priorities and works tirelessly to meet customers’ needs will always be on the lead. He guaranteed that these are exactly what TrafficClub is doing by consistently driving steady flow of customers to businesses and their websites.

Benedictus therefore urged businesses to take advantage of these limited free offers and select free gifts as a trial will convince patrons.

Benedictus disclosed that he is very delighted to be involved with TrafficGeneration Club, because “It is the company’s goal to promote quality products and services and providing authentic information to customers — which is the objective of the company.”

About TrafficGenerationClub:

AJBenedict is a TrafficGenerationClub affiliated Marketing Company. is established in 2012 and located at 2248 Meridian Boulevard Suite H. Minden, NV 89423.

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